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Guide for planning a smooth office renovation

If you need to spruce up your office space or incorporate some new additions, then an office renovation is the ideal solution. You get to enjoy the perks of a new office space without necessarily moving out. Planning a smooth office renovation can be quite hectic especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. But having a qualified and dedicated team for your renovation project goes a long way in ensuring your project goes smoothly. Planning in advance is also ideal in ensuring that you avoid any confusion that may arise while the project is underway. Here are some tips for a smooth office renovation that you can use for your project:

Office interior

Determine why you need an office renovation

You should be able to determine why your office needs refurbishing. Is it because you want to emulate new design trends? Is it because of your competitors? Or do you just want to create a better and more productive working space for your team? Do you want to replace the office furniture that you have? This will help you establish what you’re looking to achieve by the end of your project. After all, the impact on productivity levels and the

Plan in advance

It’s advisable to start planning for your renovation at least three to six months before the actual date. This will give you adequate time to get everything in place before you embark on the whole exercise. It will also give you enough time to inform your team members and plan your work accordingly in a way that the renovation won’t lead to unreasonable downtime for your business.

Choose the right removals company

During a renovation, your team can’t keep working in the space where the construction is underway because of all the destruction. Therefore, you’ll need a removals company to move you to a temporary space as you await the renovation exercise. This will create fewer disruptions for your team as well as the builders thus the project will be more swift.

Choose the right renovations company

For a seamless renovation exercise, you should ensure that you work with a qualified and reliable contractor. Your builder should be able to help you achieve the design that you intend to have for your office space. Some of the things you should check before hiring the right builder include the following:

  • Any previous projects.
  • Recommendations from friends.
  • Establish their area of specialisation e.g renovations, new builds, extensions
  • Their certifications, and paperwork.
  • Reviews from previous clients.

Select a reasonable timeline

With the right renovations company, you’ll be able to have a more accurate estimation of the duration your project will take. This way, you’ll know how much time each activity will take thus enabling you to plan your business accordingly to avoid any unnecessary downtime. It will also enable you to plan the renovation at a time when the business isn’t in its peak season.

Establish a realistic budget

It’s always good to have a budget set aside before embarking on your project. Your chosen contractor should help you come up with a more accurate budget estimate since they’ll give an estimate of what every activity and materials needed will cost. Of course, they will also have factored in the cost of their services so you will know how much your project will cost you. You should also remember to set aside an extra amount for any miscellaneous expenses that may arise while the project is underway.

With this simple renovation guide, you can tell that having an office renovation can be pretty easy if you have everything planned out accordingly. You also need to work with the right team to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

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